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AGE: approx. 3 YEARS



WEIGHT: ca. 10KG.


MIX (looks like corgi and dachshund) - robust body on short legs

Tango and his senior, blind friend, where roaming free for around 6 months. They attempted to get help many times, but people just sent them away. When they finally started stealing chicken food, out of hunger, the people decided to call in the right institutions, to deal with them.


After being found, it was discovered that Tango's both front legs where broken. Yet he continued to use them, so they never healed properly. He was in constant pain in a long time.


Both front legs were attempted to be restored, with some metals plates. One leg succeeded, unfortunately the other one rejected the metal plate and had to be amputated.


Tango's journey startet last summer. Only in around december, he was finished with all surgeries and started a recovery process.


Not having a leg is still new for him, he is still fully learning to be without it. He also needs to loose a lot of weight, specially now in his situation. But he is active boy, who likes to move and walk. He takes break when he needs to. He can climb stairs, just not too high. He even tries to pee with his leg up, even though not always successfully.


He is very good, obedient, ALWAYS HAPPY boy. Super loving and friendly to everyone. He is very social. He also understand very well the word no. He is housetrained and rides nicely in a car. Never barks, at least not from our experience, he is not a "guard dog". And he is very photogenic and expressive in the face :)

Tango could be super perfect as a therapy dog. His joy-full and optimistic personality could well help others, perhaps in the same or similar situation. So that would be our perfect scenario of home.


Or he needs a loving home, with enough mental and physical activation, otherwise he gets bored and might stress. A home where people will have understanding and patience towards him. But also where he is seen as a complete dog, not one to feel sorry for. A home with another dog or cat would be absolutely perfect so he is never alone and has a playmate.

Feel free to contact us if interested.

Can be visited on Langeland, by appointment. or Tel. 51892602

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