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- About 2 years old.

- Chihuahua mix.

Neutered, vaccinated, blood tests, deworming and EU passport.

- semi clean.

- between 4-5 kg


Since Poncho has arrived in DK, he was through 3 places already, and in all of them he is a little different. So, below you can read experience from all of the places he was in fostercare so far. He stays in Langeland now until he finds his forever home.


Poncho has arrived more social than expected. He was very curious about everything, wanted to examine the whole house and was not afraid of 5 different sized dogs. Was also not at all afraid that the biggest dog wanted to follow him everywhere . Have happily jumped up in the beds and on the couch, tried to play with toys. Contact and comfort seeking from people. Of course he is still careful, and if startled , seeks calm corner. But he attaches quickly and stays around his human, will go with him everywhere and will seek comfort if in doubt about anything. Very sweet little boy with great potential.

At night he was closed in a dog basket/cage, in the bedroom. After some silent complaints, he calmed down and fell asleep. Once a night was restless, so he got a quick walk outdoors to pee, then slept peacefully again the rest of the night. Is very quiet, does not bark, at least so far, even when other dogs bark. Will see how things develop over the course of the week.

At this time he is getting raw meat diet, with oils, to restore his coat and body to better shape.


His daily life can be followed via our Instagram .



His family wrote this about him:

Hi Sandra

Incredible progress has been made with the scared and insecure boy we brought home last Thursday. First, he begins to react to his name, Carlos - and second, he moves around the house and garden with his head held high and his tail curled. He wags when he sees us, but if we bend too fast towards him, he gets scared. He really wants to be near us, but if we or Tacha (our cairn terrier) make too much noise, he sneaks into another room - the same goes if he thinks the television or radio has been on for too long - to on the other hand, he does not care about sounds from eg vacuum cleaner, doorbell and washing machine.


He has both an appetite and control of his stomach, we have had 34 hours without 'accidents' on the floor. He has become much better at walking on a leash, and he appreciates sniffing - but becomes very insecure when we meet other dogs and / or people.


He does not share Tacha's fascination with balls and sticks at all - but when she stole a whole roll of toilet paper today, they both helped turn it into snow, and they had a great party. On the whole, Tacha really wants to play with him - and he with her, but he does not really know how. But they have enjoyed digging an ant nest up in the garden.


In addition, he enjoys being brushed, cuddled and driving a car. He is a real sleeper (preferably in sofa or bed), from which he can also keep an eye on the whole room. He does not bite into 'forbidden' things, and then the dogs have been alone at home for 1.5 hours without any problems. So even though there are still many things to work with such as self-confidence, obedience training and trust / confidence in strangers, he has a really big potential.


Our recommendations:

A quiet home with regular routines.

A home with plenty of time to cuddle, train and stimulate / socialize.

He can live in an apartment as he is very quiet (he rarely does) and prefers to stay indoors - but the dream is access to the garden.

If there is another dog in the home, it should be calm - Tacha often has too much energy compared to Carlos.

A home without small, noisy and unpredictable children, but he is really happy for our teenagers and their company.

He can be alone at home with another dog - and we also think he can be all alone.

NOTE: He does not make a sound when he has to pee, so you have to know his signals (he searches briefly towards the door) orwalk him regularly.



FIRST INFO AFTER HIS ARRIVAL : Poncho is an incredibly sweet and curious little boy. He has not experienced so much in his life yet and is therefore also somewhat cautious. Poncho comes from a puppy factory / hoarder situation in Lithuania, where he was seized along with 81 other dogs. One lady had all the dogs in her house and therefore he has not been socialized properly. He is looking for a lot of other dogs and will therefore be well suited in a home with other dogs. However, he was the most social of all the dogs seized. He is typically a chihuahua and does things he does not understand. Poncho is looking for a loving home that will continue his socialization and upbringing. He is a canon sweet dog with great potential

Can be visited in Langeland, Rudkøbing, by appointment.

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