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muse and zara

BORN (+/-): MUSE - 01.01.2018 / ZARA - 01.06.2020



ADOPTION FEE: DKK 3,000 for each. NOK 6,000 for both.


Clean, can be alone at home, drive fine in the car. Pull a little on the leash, but otherwise walk nicely. Do not bark. Friendly with other animals and children.

Muse and Zara, like most dogs from Lithuanian shelters, were "guard" dogs, on the countryside, with old people as owners. They lived outdoors, with no place to hide from rainy weather or cold, with barely any food and water. Thankfully, they were noticed and help was called in. Then they were delivered to the shelter and were there for a long time. Why? We have no explanation because they are super amazing.

(White) Muse - mother of Zara- is more careful and needs more socialization. She follow her daughter and only thanks to her daughter, she learned to feel comfortable with people. But she's still a little skeptical and more worried if you talk to her, especially if her daughter is not around. She is also very loving when she already knows you and wants to cuddle. She has more calm and gentle energy. If one removes hand from her, she ask to be cuddled a little more, by gently demanding it with her paw.

(Brown) Zara is very social and happy girl. Her energy and love is just unbelievably amazing. She is an energy bomb and rarely relaxes.


Both dogs are very lively and full of energy. They play with each other at every opportunity. Love toys too. Regular walks will not be enough for them, they require more active lifestyle. Completely focused on their chosen person and ignoring others. Stay close to their human also without leash and have never tried to run away. From day one they were relaxed and felt like at home. They were also not at all stressed on the way from Lithuania. They are very focused on each other and not super involved with other animals.

Zara is more social, wants to cuddle more and is curious about other dogs, she tries to make contact with them and play with them. While Muse, is focused only on Zara and staying away if she is playing with other dogs.

A home for them both would be a dream! And our priority. Because it gets super stressful for them to be broken up, especially for mom (Muse). She will require more work, with no daughter nearby. BUT, Zara is dominant, she does not let her mother completely thrive and get the self confidence she could have, therefore, in their new home together, one should work on that Muse gets the opportunity to show herself more and thrive even without Zara at her side. It is important not to let Zara steal all the attention. It is perfect duet if you want to have 2 dogs, they never get bored alone and have super chemistry. But again, it is important not to forget the amazing Muse when Zara has so much energy and is much more socialized.

IF it does not become possible to find a home for them together, it must definitely be a home with another dog, especially for Muse. Muse must have a companion who will help her be a dog and believe in people. While Zara is used to having a play buddy and will definitely get bored and stress alone.

Active home with large yard and exciting experience is what we search for them. They are hard to make tired, so a large enclosed place for them to run in between walks is actually necessary .


We are absolutely and incredibly in love with the 2 beautiful ladies and think they are absolutely perfect. Really, so far, the most easy foster dogs we have had and we have only the best word about them! Those who get them, will be very lucky :)

Homes without small children are sought.

Their daily lives can be followed via our Instagram stories .

Can be met at Langeland BY AGREEMENT. Feel free to contact us via chat, FB, email or tel: 51892602

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