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I know there are a lot of scary things happening in the world, specially right now, but I hope for your attention and your help.


Last friday, in Lithuania, a family on the search to find their missing dog, discoverred an illegal puppy mill, where their dog was locked in, in a cage. As it turns there where many microchiped pets thats were announced missing. The conditions of the dogs and how they were kept were beyond horrible. Stacked in small cages, living on their own feces in a ovewhelmingly smelling small spaces, without food, water and most of them with horrible and even deadly medical conditions. This discovery started a revolutionary event in Lithuania against #animalcruelty, that I have been following day and night, the last few days, non stop. I am undescribably shocked and sadand angry and all rainbow of emotions at the same time.


The last few days, unbelievable amount of people/volunteers from all over Lithuania are scouting through woods, fields and all suspicious locations, uncovering one after another more horrible animal cruelty and illegal puppy mill cases. This has been going for decades, but - it’s big money. Money tend to make bad things quiet and continuous. And so, with the help of corrupt government, corrupt police, veterinary institutions and many more, people with no soul have been profiting from most innocent creatures, making them live in a hell on earth. NO MORE. NO

MORE!!!! We live in society now where social media gives us the ability to spread information, gather evidence, gather support and make a change. And that’s what’s happening right now!!! Way too many people were blind for too long and had no idea the extent of this problem. Now we know and things will never be the same.


Amazing masses of volunteers not only find and rescue all animals with the helps of shelters. They also take turns on guarding discovered places, BECAUSE - after the discovery of first spot, all those involved in this crime, started emptying out other locations. Dogs from those horrible places are either thrown out along the roads all over Lithuania, or are left in the woods tied to a tree, or in cages, sometimes covered in blankets and fed medicine to keep quiet so they can take them again. They even - BURN DOGS to get rid of evidence. Multiple locations with freshly and long ago burned dog bodies were discovered, close to puppy mills. Dogs are now being found on the roads and in the woods. Some already dead, some still alive, but all in horrible shape. Main volunteers are being followed and threatened. It’s a event of insane level, but no one is giving up and no one is stopping. WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! 


Shelters in Lithuania are overfilled at all times. Why? BECAUSE WE VALUE EVERY SINGLE LIFE. We fight for every single life, for years if it takes, to give everyone a chance to experience better life before they leave it. We don’t put down someone because they are stressed or injured or sick. Euthanisation is the last resort, when the animals is clearly not wiling to fight anymore and is ready to let go. But amazingly, those that where hurt the most are the most amazing fighters. My LU, would not be here if they would have given up on her when she was found half dead, when she died on operating table... they fought for her and now she is the happiness of my heart and my home is the happiness of her.


So - our shelters are overfilled everyday, on a normal day. BUT NOW WE DISCOVER HUNDREDS NEW ANIMALS and it’s just the beginning, so naturally, it is very very hard  to fit them all and to care for them all. But off course, Lithuanian amazing people will find a way and every single one will be ok.





  • Things like plaids, blankets, beds, leashes, pee matts (most important!), medicine, quality food, even things like cleaning products and gloves and buckets, to keep shelters clean.

  • Funds - we need money to cover medical bills, ever pilling up. Also providing necessary things

  • SPREADING OF WORD. This is not only mass rescue organisation, it is also pilling up legal case to change the laws in Lithuania so this could and would never happen again. We need the world to see so it no money would make it go away again and everyone responsible would get proper punishment.

  • BE AWARE. Every time you purchase a breed dog without documents, 95% chance is this is where they are coming from. If there will be no demand there won’t be suppliers. STOP. Go to the shelter or buy from responsible breeder after you did extensive research, visited them and met the parents of your future pupph. ALWAYS BE SUSPICIOUS. That’s the sad reality.


We are strong, we are many, but we still need help. So if you can, please help in any way.




  • If you have things you want to be send to shelters, anything - even old pillow or something like that will help - CONTACT ME BY SMS +4551892602 or write or write PB

  • if you want to contribute financially, I have created a separate account for that, you can contact me and transfer money via MobilePay or Bank. Every few days I will contact people in charge to see where the money is needed most and transfer them directly to them. I will also ask if they preffer things, then I will buy what they need and transport the equipment to them.

  • OR you can DONATE directly via Paypal to these currently taking in shelters.








I hope this will be translated into danish because I am too emotional to do it right now. Also, sorry for bad quality of videos. I am following it all on Instagram and Facebook, it’s all HAPPENING LIVE NOW, since friday. There is no happy or ending yet. It’s just a not ending nightmaire.


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